Famous Jokes

Being a comedy site, it just so happens that we also really enjoy comedy. Stand-up, sketch, movies, heck, even the written word can be arranged on a page to much humorous effect. We stan the chortle-chuckle kings and queens, as the kids say. 

In the spirit of celebrating jokes we really like, we've created a Joke Hall of Fame of sorts. Don't worry, Norm's in the Hall of Fame. Maria Bamford's in the Hall of Fame. A lot of your favorites are there. But we like to get a little historical, too: here's a look at a 30-year-old Simpsons episode (if the phrase “30-year-old” didn't make you crumble into dust). Plus, some explorations of comedians' signature jokes. The Comedy Hall of Fame is a gold mine, and it's ever-expanding. Please enjoy:


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