20 Paradoxes Most Human Minds Can't Wrap Themselves Around

We don't know what William Molyneux was smoking, but where can we get some?
20 Paradoxes Most Human Minds Can't Wrap Themselves Around

Hi! How are you doing today? Good? Having just a spectacular day so far? Maybe you are, or maybe you aren't. Maybe you're having just a really, really crummy day.

But none of that will matter by the end of this article, because everyone will be on the same level. What level is that? The one where you're questioning your sanity and, really, your very existence. You're welcome!

Google+ user Raymond Johnson posted the following puzzle to his circle of friends. How would YOU answer? If you choose an answec to this vestion at (a
William Molyneux, an Irish scientist, asked this question in 1688: If a man who is born blind learns to distinguish between a sphere and a cube by tou
In his discussions personal identity, DEREK PARFIT on British philosopher devised the TELETRANSPORTER THOUGHT EXPERIMENT which posits the following Yo
The story below was first used by Edmund Gettier as a criticism of the popular definition of knowledge as justified true belief A near-sighted farme
A crocodile captures a boy. He will be released if his father guesses what the crocodile will do. The father answers correctly -it won't give the boy
CRACKED cO John Robertson's Paradox of Thrift Our economy is terrible, so it only makes sense that all of us should save money since we don't have eno
EPIMENIDES' PARADOX If I a man says: always lie. is that statement true false? or CRACKEDOON
Special relativityt tells us some pretty crazy things, like how objects travelling at high speeds contract and become shorter In the barn-pole paradox
THE TROLLEY PROBLEM AN ETHICAL DILEMMA BY PHILIPPA FOOT A runaway train is speeding down the track. There are five people on the track up ahead. The o
BOX 23 POLICE If The Doctor. goes back in time and gives a copy of Beethoven Sonatas to a young Beethoven and he publishest who actually composed the
Zeno's Paradox of Motion In around 500 B.C.E. the Greek philosopher Zeno came uP with a thought experiment / paradox that proves motion is impossible,
If atoms in our brain always act predictably, how can we have free will? The conundrum was first posed by the Roman philosopher Titus Lucretius Carus.
This paradox is based on the story of ancient Greek sophist Protagoras and his pupil, Euathlus. John taught law to Bill with the condition that Bill w
Mary is brilliant scientist. CRACKEDCON a She knows everything there's to know about color. She's an expert in the underlying physical phenomena and t
Olbers' Paradox It is stated that there are infinite stars in the universe. If there are infinite stars in the universe, why is the night sky dark? Si
The Floating Man Problem by Avicenna, loth Gentury A. D. Imnagine a mnan iss created in total doprivation. He sensory cannot see, heat, taste, smell,
The people of Athens have kept the ship of Theseus in good repair, replacing itS parts as they decayed. Eventually, not a single original part of the
Don Harper Mills, ex president of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences came up with the following fictional case to show how different legal con
CRACKEDCON A billiongire approaches you one day and tells you that he will give you one million dollars if you only intend to drink poison that has no

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