Honest Ads

So: you're a hotshot junior copywriter for an ad firm whose name we are omitting for legal reasons due to a sexual harassment civil trial set to begin next month, but not the one everyone is talking about. You've had a few hits, you've studied YouTube videos of Don Draper clips with titles like “How To Get Rid Of A Disrespectful Client." You're so close to landing the coveted and lucrative Ketterman account, and all you need is to nail the pitch. You've come to the right place. 

At Cracked, we take a revolutionary approach to ad copy: we're honest. Double-fist all you want, we'll tell the truth about hard seltzer and wine while also giving you the NFT crash course needed to understand the complicated world of crypto. We do ads, and we do it all, baby! Under our guidance, you, hotshot young copywriter—you're landing that Ketterman account. If we can get the tax prep sites to be honest, we can do anything. 

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