What NOT To Watch In 27 Famous Movies And TV Shows

What NOT To Watch In 27 Famous Movies And TV Shows

Let's be real: Nobody actually has time to watch an entire TV series or a movie, let alone multiple of each. We've all got more important shit to do, like getting into fights on the internet and sleeping and eating an unhealthy amount of Bagel Bites.

Which is exactly why we took some popular shows and films, and cut out all the unnecessary bullshit to save everyone some precious time.

Entry by deathpod

Stanley Kubrick's FULL METAL JACKET works best if you treat it like two separate films. Take 20 minutes to absorb the impact of Part 1 after this ha

Entry by Kevin King

SIMSoNS tHe CRACKEDCO Watch all of ows Seasons 1-8. tHe SIMPSonS TH COMPLETE PIRST STASON e Some of Season 9: The Cartridge Family, The Joy of Sect

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