Why Virtual Reality Sucks (VIDEO)

Why Virtual Reality Sucks (VIDEO)

What if Virtual Reality companies like Meta and Oculus were actually honest about how horrifically terrible they are? Roger Horton investigates alongside help from our friends at  @The Warp Zone ! Check out their channel!

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Roger Horton: Jack Hunter 
Meta Boy: Darnell Eaton 
Anime Girl/Panda Boss: Jordan Breeding 
Writers: George the Bear (www.thestingerreport.com), Jordan Breeding 
Director: Jordan Breeding 
Director of Photography: Dave Brown 
Editor: Jordan Breeding 
VFX & Performance Capture: Richard Cabrera of Romthirty VFX - http://www.romthirty.com 
Tech Artist: Robin Åkesson (Zarniwoop) 
Sound: Mike Schoen 
Production Assistant: Eli Hall 
Additional production services provided by Warp Media.

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