21 Iconic Movie Villains That Weren't Villains At All

Movies are deceptive in a way that politicians can only dream of.
21 Iconic Movie Villains That Weren't Villains At All

We're all familiar with the concept of a hero. The character whom we root for to triumph at the conclusion of the story, what about the other dude? That’s right: we're talking about villains!

Hollywood villains are a cornerstone of the film industry. Scratch that–iconic villains are often the cornerstones of the stories that feature them. They're the villains we love to despise and even sympathize with, even though they have their unique reasons for acting the way they do. Villains can sometimes be terrifying or hilarious, but they come in all different shapes as well as sizes in both cases.

Politicians can only dream of being as dishonest as Hollywood executives. They've already informed you who you're rooting for and who you want to lose horribly before you've even bought your overpriced bucket of pop corn. Things change dramatically when you remove all the explosions, tragedy, and wackiness and just look at the "protagonist" naked.

We sought the aid of image sorcerer AuntieMeme to help us lift the curtain off certain cinematic nice men who were all along the dickheads.

The Movie: Beauty and the Beast The Hero: A beast who kidnaps a woman and holds her hostage in his castle until she agrees to fall in love with him. T
The Movie: Ghostbusters The Hero: The Ghostbusters, who are using unlicensed nuclear devices to capture and store ghosts. VENKN The Villain: Walter Pe
-tt8 8 t7 The Movie: IG< c-837 18 t 8 The Matrix, The Animatrix C I<- 2 C 8 8s k8 sCs 8 A 38 8 c 2 <12 C 8C The Villain: 2 30 8 tg 72 robot/human 82ck
The Movie: Revenge of the Nerds The Villain: Stan Gable, star athlete. Doting boyfriend to Betty Childs. The Hero: Lewis Skolnick, who sells pies with
The Movie: The Incredibles The Hero: Mr. Incredible The Villain: Syndrome, who thinks everyone is entitled to have super powers. Not just elites like
The Movie: The Wizard of Oz The Hero: Dorothy, who kills a witch and straight-up steals her shoes. The Villain: The Wicked Witch of the West, who just
The Movie: Twilight The Hero: Edward Cullen, moody vampire. Edward is over 100 years old, yet he doggedly stalks a high-school girl. He follows her ar
21 Iconic Movie Villains That Weren't Villains At All
The Movie: Skyfall, The Villain: Raoul Silva, former MI6 operative turned rogue. M handed Silva over to the Chinese government, and he was tortured an
The Movie: Short Circuit The Hero: Johnny Five, a malfunctioning military robot armed with a laser rifle. The Villain: Captain Skroeder, the security
The Movie: Aladdin The Hero: Aladdin, a homeless thief, who uses a stolen magic lamp to try to trick a princess into marrying him. The Villain: Jafar,
The Movie: Night of the Living Dead The Hero: Ben Jones, who insists that the people hiding from zombies in the basement come upstairs. The Villain: H
The Movie: The Lion King The Hero: Mufasa, king of the lions The Villains: The hyenas, banished by Mufasa to starve to death in a graveyard, who help
The Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off The Hero: Ferris Bueller, truant student who lies, steals, hacks, and destroys property. This is his 9th unexcused
The Movie: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial The Hero: E.T., the wrinkled brown alien who forms a close relationship with a kid named Eliott. The Villaing: T
The Movie: Animal House The Heroes: The Delta Tau Delta fraternity, whose idea of appropriate activities includes theft, destruction of property, drun
The Movie: 2012 The Villain: Carl Anheuser, the Chief of Staff who closes the doors to the doomsday arks, leaving the people on the dock to drown. Bec
The Movie: Carrie The Villains: The high school students who ostracize Carrie and call her creepy. The thing is, Carrie pretty much blows up the high
The Movie: Spider-IMan The Villain: Harry Osborne, who is trying to avenge his dead father by hunting down his murderer. The Hero: Peter Parker, who i
The Movie: The Little Mermaid The Hero: L Prince Eric, who falls in love with a 16-year-old girl he's never had a conversation with, because she's pre
The Movies: The Lord of the Rings trilogy The Villain: Sauron, who built an army out of the downtrodden, enslaved, and oppressed masses of Middle Eart

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