21 Tiny (Yet History-Bending) Mistakes

21 Tiny (Yet History-Bending) Mistakes

We all make minor errors and usually don't think much of them. After all, accidentally slamming your car door into the one next to you isn't going to start World War III. Except that it might. If some historical "tiny mistakes" are considered, the smallest misstep can have far-reaching consequences. Humans have made a series of costly errors, most of which have changed the course. We mention some of history's most egregious blunders.

Is it possible for the bouncing of a butterfly's wings to end up causing a storm? Almost certainly not. Yet, if you look at history, you might very well find countless instances of small and relatively insignificant actions that had unexplainable, sometimes dire, repercussions.

With the assistance of retired Ancient Roman General AuntieMeme, we unearthed some of history's most devastating disasters caused by seemingly insignificant accidents.

If you really can learn from your deadliest experiences, you will be better prepared for your best experiences.

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