21 People Who Got Creative With Revenge Plots

When you laugh openly at the concept of proportionate response.
21 People Who Got Creative With Revenge Plots

Inflicting hurt or destruction upon someone as reprisal for injuries or injury you have suffered is known as revenge. 

Revenge is a meal that is best served cold, but it is most fascinating when served after a ludicrous amount of effort. And, as it turns out, this occurs all the time. Angry people will put a great deal of work into their intricate retaliation plans.

Revenge always has been a fundamental aspect of the human inner mind, whether right or wrong. There have been numerous sagas, poems, tales, and films themed on revenge. But, after all, it's all a work of fiction, right? No one actually sits about for years, methodically preparing savage vengeance and waiting for the "appropriate moment" to go ape-shit, do those who? That's where we advise you to reconsider.

It makes no difference whether the effort was worthwhile. What matters is that they went absurdly, comically overboard. So, flex that scrolling finger and read on for more wild examples!

After Aline Lawlor Coker had a falling-out with her brother, she bought the 262 available plots in their local cemetery SOLD to prevent him from being
Don Trachte Jr. forged a Norman Rockwell painting to keep his wife from getting it in their divorce. THE ORIGINAL The forged version of Breaking HoME
In 2009, Seemona Sumasar accused her then boyfriend, Jerry Ramrattan of rape. Ramrattan executed an intricate plot to frame Sumasar for committing arm
Over 16 months, 40-year-old Japanese man Shigeta Miura sent 70 packages containing around 500 junk items, including old ladies' underwear. dirt, and o
CRACKED cO COM Painter James Whistler had a dispute with his patron Frederick Leyland, who rejected Whistler's design of his dining room and refused t
Roger Anderson achieved his revenge against telemarketers by creating the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, a subscription-based chatbot designed to wast
John Cleese stuck it to his ex-wife by doing a comedy tour called The Alimony Tour and insulting her several times during each show. mh JOHN CLEESE
CRACKED COM Tim Martin was told by his teacher that he'd never be successful in business, so he created a huge pub chain in the teacher's name. Wether
After his father filed a lawsuit that would force him to sell his $500,000 home, a man from Florida decided to give the property a vibrant makeover. H
After a woman's neighbors reported her to the city for illegally renting out her house on Airbnb, she painted her house bright pink with emojis to spi
When the Vatican's Biagio da Cesena complained that Michelangelo's The Last Judgment had too much nudity, Michelangelo painted da cesena in the corner
King Pedro I of Portugal searched for his lover's killers for years. Ines de Castro's murder In 1355, King Afonso IV of Portugal had his son Pedro's l
Tokyo resident Akio Hatori got annoyed when his bicycle seat Was stolen, sO he decided to steal 159 bicycle seats himself. When he was finally caught,
In 2013 Richard Neale left Esselar, the cyber security firm he had co-founded, on bad terms. He waited months until Esselar was giving a CRAUK securit
British portrait painter Daphne Todd took slow-burn revenge on a subject. She made a four-hour roundtrip during the Christmas holidays to do one guy's
CRACKED cO When her engagement to a member of Buenos Aires' aristocratic Anchorena family KAVANAGH 1936 was BUILDING, thwarted- 5 Corina Kavanagh buil
On the outs with husband Eddie Cibrian but not yet divorced, reality star Brandi Glanville decided to have her private parts surgically rejuvenated
Property mogul Harry Macklowe had to split his $2 billion fortune with his wife after theirdivorce. He got back at her by putting giant pictures of hi
To get back at Def Jam for not helping with his debut album, Frank Ocean made a video album of himself building a staircase for 45 minutes, called End
CRAGKEDaoT During a contract dispute, legendary author Harlan Ellison had 213 bricks mailed to a publishing company, one by one. He followed up with a
After a bad breakup. Jennifer Fitzgerald's ex-boyfriend bought a car in her name without her knowledge then parked it at Chicago O'Hare Airport. It wa
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