21 People Who Got Creative With Revenge Plots

21 People Who Got Creative With Revenge Plots

Inflicting hurt or destruction upon someone as reprisal for injuries or injury you have suffered is known as revenge. 

Revenge is a meal that is best served cold, but it is most fascinating when served after a ludicrous amount of effort. And, as it turns out, this occurs all the time. Angry people will put a great deal of work into their intricate retaliation plans.

Revenge always has been a fundamental aspect of the human inner mind, whether right or wrong. There have been numerous sagas, poems, tales, and films themed on revenge. But, after all, it's all a work of fiction, right? No one actually sits about for years, methodically preparing savage vengeance and waiting for the "appropriate moment" to go ape-shit, do those who? That's where we advise you to reconsider.

It makes no difference whether the effort was worthwhile. What matters is that they went absurdly, comically overboard. So, flex that scrolling finger and read on for more wild examples!

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