34 (Unintentionally) Disturbing Children's Products


Before a children's toy can hit the shelves, it has to go through numerous stages of development, safety checks, testing, marketing, and whatever other words are in the glossary of a product development book.

We asked you to show us the toys that some company said "Screw all that noise" to and just shoved them into the stores. Winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by UADrew

CRACKED.COM The E.T. E.T. Finger Light Finger Light Finger Glows When Pressed Helping Ae Oey BATTERY INCATDEC kids have fun in the dark rckerbocker

Entry by Joobles

The OOrim Rock Hey, kids... Wanna ride on Donald Duck's... belly? DU CRACKED COM

Entry by UADrew


Entry by hollyhox13

Doo Dogsie GO YOU COTTAG COTT VMr YOY WIANING ae Dog Food g) of Play Oz (100 3.5 Includes Doggie Doo: The only game that teaches your child how to ove

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