17 Instances of Absurdly Good Luck

Some people have all the luck. Literally.
17 Instances of Absurdly Good Luck

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed in amulets, necklaces, and other good fortune charms, yet very few talismans are always as unique as the tintinnabulum. Purportedly a wind chime, the tintinnabulum, generally included a cluster of bells encircling a bronze depiction of a flying phallus. It seems the Romans actually did give a “flying…”

Tennessee Williams, the dramatist, reportedly said, "Fortune is believing you're fortunate." That may have been true, yet people all over the world have traditionally used talismans, emblems, and trinkets to improve their luck, even some that may appear strange today.

Some people seem to have it all. Literally. If you've ever been depressed or in an unpleasant situation and wondered, "Why am I so unlucky?" It's because the jerks on this list are keeping everything for themselves. The thing is the folks on this list don’t need to play mind games or resort to ancient gems or enchanted jewelry. They’ve been undoubtedly blessed with some incredible luck.

We asked our readers to find some people who are so blessed that providence is most likely their superpower. The winner is listed below, but first, let's look at the runners-up...

Ben Carpenter was crossing the street in his wheelchair when he was hit by a truck. The handles of his chair became lodged in the truck's grill, and h
Joan Ginther took home more than $20 Million in lottery CRACKED.COM winnings, hitting more than 4 Jackpots* *She also earned a Ph.D. in statistics fro
Bill Morgan of Melbourne, Australia, won a car on a scratch-off ticket. When asked to re-enact his win for the local news, he won a whopping $250,000
There were no survivors when PSA Flight 182 crashed in a San Diego neighborhood. One of the people who missed that flight was Jack Ridout. He was supp
What are the odds of winning the lottery? Now think of the odds of winning the Hoosier lottery top prize...... Guess that rule doesn't apply to Indian
In 1999, American hiker Robert Bogucki was lucky to escape Australia alive. The Ilest Australiau HE'd set off into the Outback ALIVE for a spiritual q
Born the son of a lawyer kito He died a CRACKED COM Jean Bernadotte was born in France. He enlisted in the army as a private at age 17 and over time r
David Gonzalez was renovating a home that he purchased for $10, 100 when he found something quite interesting had been used for wall insulation. Aos A
THE MAN WHO LIVED THROUGH DOOMSDAY! Things were not looking good for Ludger Sylbaris. A convicted felon, he had just earned another night in solitary
Raymond Levy is an English lawyer. In December 1978, as a teenager, he was driving in Manchester city centre, less than 20 feet from the site, when an
Eric Lawes was probably feeling unlucky when he somehow got roped into getting his metal detector out and helping a nearby farmer look for a hammer th
Famously eccentric New England businessman and self-styled Lord Timothy Dexter made a fortune from harebrained business Schemes. often suggested by
Cary Collings of Puyallup, Washington may not be the richest multiple winner in lottery history, but he must be the quickest. On June 14, 2013, Collin
How did you find out you were pregnant? After Shayna Richardson's parachute failed to open, she plummeted more than 3000 feet, landing face first in a
A Norwegian family wins lottery every time Mother gives birth. It all started when a Norwegian mother Hege Jeanette Oksnes gave birth to her first chi
In January 2012, a semitruck sideswiped a BMW occupied by Kelli Groves and her two daughters, slamming their vehicle into a bridge guardrail on northb

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