Are you looking to kill your boredom? A provocative question we know. But we have a feeling that’s why you're here. Most likely, your job isn't the most stimulating place on the planet. To change that, we've compiled a list of 13 facts.

There's a reason why people say that life is full of surprises. The world may be a wild and fascinating place, filled with impressive creations and natural curiosities. Things and people can amaze you in different ways, just like when you think you've become too cynical and know it. Do you want to know how long it would have taken to travel to the moon? Or where a quarter of your body's bones are found? Or the name of a nighttime rainbow? When we read through these interesting facts from throughout the world, you'll learn all of this and more. Prepare to be amazed by the strange facts we’ve uncovered. 

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You might think that coral is a plant - but actually, corals are technically animals. They're a sessile animal, though, which means they attach themselves to one place and just, well, sit on it. CRACKED.COM


The average NBA player meets one diagnostic criterion for Marfan syndrome. INC GOO 23 LIC odor CMS BROOKLYN CLEVE ..... 0 That's a disorder that, among other things, gives you extremely long limbs, is diagnosed partly on the basis of your wingspan-to-height ratio - and the average NBA player would satisfy that requirement. CRACKED.COM


Legend says one of Charlemagne's party tricks used a tablecloth made from asbestos. He'd toss it into the fire, just to watch the reactions of his guests when it came out unharmed and, in fact, totally clean - he'd do it after a meal, and the fire would burn away all the crumbs and food bits. CRACKED.COM


Turns out, the Empire State Building came in under budget and was done in 15 months. Or rather, just under 15 months, which was less than the 18 months they thought it'd take - and they built it for $24.7 million, which was only 57% of the building's budget. CRACKED.COM


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