22 'Hilarious' Characters Who Actually Deserve Your Pity

When you think about it, these characters are more sad than funny.
22 'Hilarious' Characters Who Actually Deserve Your Pity

Comedies love to poke fun at people, especially so-called quirky folks. And more often than not, some show or movie's idea of a hilarious character is someone who, in real life, would actually deserve your sympathy. Or at least your pity.

Which is probably why comedies leave us all feeling empty inside. (That's universal, right?)

CRACKED Jared from Silicon Valley struggles with intense anxiety, and he is constantly mocked. That's not funny, it's sad.
Poor Ralph Wiggum, 88807 SPINGFUELD 00B 0030 SIMPSoS TtHE he's a sweet, but mentally and emotionally handicapped kid who should be in a special educat
community We're supposed to laugh at Pierce Hawthorne, but really he's a tragic character. Aside from the fact that he's slowly losing his mind in his
CRACKED COM SAVEDBYTHE BELL YTHe SCREECH is a huge dweeb and a total loser! Haha! Everybody make fun of him! But when you think about it, his life is
The Simpsons constantly plays Barney Gumble's desperation' for alcohol for laughs. Barney was an ambitious, Harvard-bound student before alcoholism ru
Stuart Bloom, the comic book store guy on Big Bang Theory, is portrayed as a hilarious, goofy loser. The thing is, he's homeless (first sleeping in hi
The BIG LEBOWSKI I immediately felt sorry for Donny the first time he gets asked to shut the f**k up. He's constantly ignored by his friends despite
In Gilmore Girls, Taylor Doose is the Stars Hollow town annoyance. Though his overzealous political activism and his over-the-top sense of self-import
Michael Scott is a truly depressing character. The joke is that he's just a chronic screw-up, but the things he goes through are just sad. His only f
22 'Hilarious' Characters Who Actually Deserve Your Pity
In Lucifer, Daniel Espinoza is a good father to Trixie, a supportive ex-spouse to Chloe, and (on occasion) a good cop But that doesn't stop anyone, es
I always loved Kimmy Gibbler on Full House and never thought she deserved the hate Danny, Jesse, and Joey gave her. She is fun, quirky, and confident.
KINGT OF HILL THE Bill Dauterive is lonely, severely depressed and endures constant teasing and unfortunate events. Nothing funny about that. KHUI
ARCHER 460000ta 1006000001 Barry Dylan is actually a tragic-hero who goes from good-natured rival secret agent, to literal killing machine. The anger
We're supposed to laugh at Badger and Skinny Pete. They often ramble nonsense while high, and get into trouble. Br 35 eaking Bad 56 But the truth is,
Until I rewatched The Golden Girls, I never realized how terribly Rose's friends treated her. It made me angry because Rose had nothing but the best i
Sopranos CRACKED COM THE Bobby Baccalieri is the resident punching bag for the Sopranos crew. His weight and his intelligence are a constant punchline
UTURAMA CRACKED C Everyone is so mean to Dr. Zoidberg, but he's actually really sweet and always enthusiastic about having friends. The crew complains
Carlton Lassiter from Psych can't catch a break. He does everything by the book, but always winds up upstaged by a wisecracking wunderkind. The media
On Scrubs, nothing ever goes right for Ted Buckland. It's played off as a joke that he's So miserable that he's constantly contemplating suicide but t
CalviN aNd HOBBES is a bit of a bummer when you give it a little thought. Sure, their relationship is magical, and Calvin is a fairly happy kid, but h
Trix CRAGKEDOON The Rabbit TRix ARE FOR KIDS! TRix ARE ouT FOR KIDS! NO! TRIX ARE AW SHUCKS FOR KIDS I never understood why it was So funny to deny
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