15 Billy On The Street Moments For The Hall Of Fame

15 Billy On The Street Moments For The Hall Of Fame

Billy On The Street is essentially just one off-the-wall clip show from beginning to end, so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling those compilations into 15 of the funniest moments, ever to happen on the show about a comedian screaming at New Yorkers.

Christmas With Will Ferrell

No celebrity commits to Billy Eichner’s deranged energy like Will Ferrell. Ferrell has been on a couple of times, but the best has to be his Christmas appearance screaming at people whether or not they like the movie Elf.

Billy & Will: Which is better: “Gold, Frankincense, or Myrrh?”

Street Woman: “Gold?”

Billy & Will: “NO IT’S MYRRH!”

Elena Answers Your Questions

Sorry Billy, but Elena is the backbone of Billy on the street. This unlikely friendship of a gay millennial and old Jewish New York woman turned out to be a stronger bond than gorilla glue and something you stick onto the gorilla glue.

“I didn’t have a TV in Mexico, I lived in a palm hut.”

That’s Not Pitbull It’s Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler has so much visible fun being Pitbull in this little segment that you can’t help but feel like you too are in a Pitbull mask while watching it. 

Billy: “Do you watch her in Parks and Rec?”

Street Robot Man: “No I’m not familiar.”

Amy: “Not familiar with it? What do you mean you’re not familiar with it?”

Billy: “It’s only been on for 7 seasons! I’m recurring!”

Do Gay People Care About John Oliver

We finally have an answer to the age-old question: Do gay people care about John Oliver? The answer may surprise you.

Billy: “Sir are you gay?”

Street man: “Excuuuse me?”

Billy: “Ok. Do you care about John Oliver?”

Mr. Singh

Behind Elena on the “most loved random street people” list, Mr.Singh is high on the list. His wisdom and willingness bring a calmness that combats Billy’s erratic interview style.

Billy: “If you get it wrong you’re out of the game.”

Mr.Singh: “Sooner or later we are all out of the games.”

Neil Patrick Harris On The Street

How I Met Your Mother was ending and Billy Eichner made it everyone's problem. Neil has seemingly taken a vow of silence for the charade though.

“Billy to Neil: “You’re gonna go do a Broadway show you’re gonna leave me with f***ing Mike and Molly!”

Name A Woman

This poor girl had no idea what to say when Billy approached her and asked her to name a woman. This will take you back to first dates when people ask you what your hobbies are, and you forget if you’ve ever had hobbies in your entire life.

The Angriest Woman

This clip is perhaps the most legendary of the entire series in my eyes. An interview with a random street woman takes a sour turn when she dares to ask Billy who he is. The ex-sass-aganza starts at 1:50.

Street Woman: “I don’t like your attitude.”

Billy: “I don’t like your attitude. I’m on TV.”

Street Woman: “Who gives a sh*t!”

Billy: “Who gives a sh*t about you, b***h!”

Name A Skin Color

Billy is hard to knock off his game, but this interaction with an Asian man in Manhattan appears to have ruptured a blood vessel in Eichner’s brain. 

Billy: “Oh…oh. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do!”

Paul Rudd

Billy: “For a dollar: Would you have sex with Paul Rudd? Look at his eyes.”

Street Man: “No!”

Billy: “Why?”

Street man: “Cause he’s a man.”

Billy: “But look how adorable he is!”

Street Man Who Is About To Learn Something About Himself: “O.K. he’s cute, O.K.”

Chris Evans On The Street

When Eichner set out to tell people in NYC that Billy On The Street was celebrating its 15th anniversary, his first mistake was bringing one of the biggest stars in the country along for the ride. No one cares about poor Billy, they just want a picture with Captain America.

Billy: “Sir, would you like to sign this petition to remove Kevin Spacey from homosexuality and add Chris Evans?”

Denzel Washington As The Phantom

When a woman insists that Denzel Washington played the Phantom Of The Oprah, Billy goes off on her. After he tries to remove himself from the situation, she follows to settle the debate.



Billy has the unfortunate job of informing the public that Seth Rogan has passed. The only catch is, Seth is actually alive and holding the camera. In a wild turn of events, Seth gets to hear a woman trash him, then tell him to his face that she doesn’t like stoner comedies. Someone had to knock him down a few pegs.

The La La Land Argument

Billy messes with the wrong woman when he tries to get her opinion on La La Land. He soon learns that he is talking to “the right b***h to put him in the wrong mother f***ing place.”

Emma Stone On The Street

A particular highlight of this scene is the street woman who insists Emma Stone needs an Instagram so everyone will know her location at all times.

Street Woman: “Everyone wants to know where the artists are.”

Emma Stone: “Thank you for calling us artists.”

Street Woman: “You’re also people as well.”

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