Frank Reynolds goes by many names; The Warthog, The Trash Man, The Man Spider, the list goes on. But one thing you can never call him is forgettable. Let's take a minute to appreciate 25 of Frank’s golden moments on It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia.

Ongo Gablogian The Art Collector

“Look at us. We’re just air conditioners after all. Were just walking around on the planet breathing conditioning the air I condition it hot that conditions it cold I mean it's symbiotic no? We’re just air conditioners walking around on this planet, screwing each other's brains out!”

The Warthog

Frank’s work nickname is “The Warthog,” and if there's one thing to remember about The Warthog; Don’t let him do your job.

Bloodless Frank

In order to conduct several DNA paternity tests the gang steals Frank’s blood for the entire episode. His bloodless reveal at the end is only outmatched by the connection he has to Franquito.

Frank In The Dark

Any chance we get to see Frank in a weird getup is a win in my book. Frank paints himself black to help Charlie save the bar.

Turd In The Soup

Arguably the funniest moment in all of season 15. Frank’s secret meatballs included in Shelly Kelly’s soup lead to a turd themed game of chicken.



Frank The Podcast Producer

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve referenced “dead air!” I’d only have a dollar but that’s still a lot of times.

Couch Birth

When Frank hides in the couch to eavesdrop on his employees talking smack, he realizes it’s much hotter than he expected, resulting in the best couch birth ever caught on camera.

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Top Image: FX


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