We are all horrible at something. Even the best of us make stupid mistakes; they just don't wind up being broadcast to thousands of people all over the world.

On the other hand, life is a never-ending stream of complaints about actors. A bad film performance may be just as memorable as a fantastic one, and no performer is exempt.

Whether it's seasoned veterans like Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro or future stars including Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, the biggest stars have proven to be impressively capable of genuinely horrible performances.

Performing and acting looks like it’s simple, but it is not. Nothing demonstrates this more than watching a great performer fail miserably at something they should excel at. As a result, we asked our readers to name their favorite performers' most vexing flaws.

To be fair, performers aren't always to blame.  Plenty of the acts that we found in this article came in typically terrible movies, including actors let down by bad screenplays or bad filmmaking.

Entry by Kevin King

Will Smith can't play a convincing villain. Smith has made a career out of being the good guylantihero. WINTER'S TALE The one time he tried to become

Entry by Andrea Meno

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the epitome of a CRACKED.COM badass action star. lb But he makes a distractingly awkward, half-moaned scream in every action

Entry by Kevin King

CRACKED.COM Leonardo DiCaprio's angry face is not good. The Academy Award-winning actor can portray many emotions, except anger. His go-to move is to

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