It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

So, you want to make a TV show. And you want to make it with your friends. Not just any TV show, though. You want to make a show with characters that make the Seinfeld crew look like saints (or at least functional). This cast of drunken idiots and sociopaths doing horrible things to each other is going to be made of no-name actors, and it's going to be one of the funniest and longest-running sitcoms in history. That is, once you add a dash of Danny DeVito.

Thus did the miracle of show-birth happen for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. You can see where our obsessiveness comes from. Here's a show that, when described, immediately sounds like it shouldn't exist. Especially given the DIY background and staredowns with the network aspiring TV writers can only dream about. Besides, the gang's not all bad


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