'It's Always Sunny' Season 15 Will Be Its 'Best' In Years, Says Glenn Howerton

'It's Always Sunny' Season 15 Will Be Its 'Best' In Years, Says Glenn Howerton

Listen up, Jabronis – after nearly two decades, 14 seasons and 154 episodes, it seems the creative geniuses behind FX's long-running sitcom, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia have finally managed to do the impossible – creating a season so good, that it may even one-up The Nightman Cometh and Frank Reynolds crawling naked out of a leather couch at a Christmas party.

Yep, earlier this week Glenn Howerton, a.k.a the not-actually-sociopathic actor behind Dennis Reynolds stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to chat about his sons, new episodes of his NBC sitcom, AP Bio, and of course, his excitement surrounding Sunny's upcoming 15th season.

"I think I can honestly say this season of Sunny is probably going to be our best in many years," Howerton, who currently serves as a writer and executive producer on the series, told Meyers. 

Considering the show's penchant for absolute nonsense, featuring plotlines ranging from playing dates via the D.E.N.N.I.S. system, forcing Mac and Charlie's mothers onto a guerrilla sitcom entitled “Old Lady House” and a mailroom conspiracy that may or may not center around Charlie not knowing how to read "Pennsylvania" coming up with fresh, new ideas was particularly challenging. "I'm not gonna lie, it's absolutely brutal," the actor recalled. “The 15th season in the writer's room ... really was that old thing of like 'No, we've done that. No, we've done that. No, we've done that.”

Part of the problem, according to Howerton, lies in the fact that the gang has stayed virtually the same since their 2005 debut. “The characters can't fundamentally change who they are,” he added. "Like they can't just become a different person, so you're sort of hemmed in a little bit in terms of like what the character's attitudes and what their point of view is."

Yet Howerton, who took some time off of writing the show over the past several years said his writer-ly vacation helped him tackle these challenges. “I took two years off from the writer's room, season 13 and 14 and so I felt a little fresher coming into it this year,” he recalled. 

So folks, here's to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Let's hope Howerton is right and that the upcoming season – much like Dennis Reynolds himself – is truly worthy of five stars. 

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