15 Best Bits from Bo Burnham's Inside Outtakes

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15 Best Bits from Bo Burnham's Inside Outtakes

Bo Burnham’s Inside took over the world when it was released one year ago on May 30th, 2020. Now Bo has returned with the gift of outtakes and cut content from the special all for free on YouTube and it grabbed over four million views in just four days. Here are 15 of our favorite bits from The Inside Outtakes.

The Future

Bo Burnham The Future

Bo Burnham

The Future” is technically new but feels familiar as it shares a lot of the same musical themes as the song “Problematic” from the original Inside special. The song is essentially just more content focused on Burnham’s years-long battle with anxiety/depression, which is already heavily covered. Maybe not profound enough for the final cut, but perfect as a catchy addition to the outtakes. Thanks for the content, daddy!

The Dump

Bo Burnham The Dump

Bo Burnham

“The Dump.” Of course it would make the list. “The Dump” is a short sketch featuring a Zoom interview from “The Dump” interviewing several Bo Burnhams about their new project Inside. Burnham focuses a lot on the “noise” of content today, especially in the outtakes. Everyone is talking over each other, but are they really saying anything? 

“It's on all of us to do better. And we could and would and should have done better and we am and have and shall and continue to have done and did and do. Our doing isn't done and our done-ing isn’t did.”

The Podcast

The Inside Podcast Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham

In reference to white guys who had one too many Busch Ice’s and decided to start a podcast, Burnham debuts “The Inside Podcast,” hosted by Burnham, with a special guest, Bo Burnham. These boys dive right into PC culture and how Tony Pancake used to destroy at The Comedy Store.

Feel Good

Like a dead dog stuffed in a birthday present, “Feel Good” is a sad song wrapped in a pretty instrumental. “Can you teach me how to feel good? I just want to feel good. Give me specific directions on how to feel good.”


Bo Burnham Jeans

Bo Burnham

“Why do I wear Jeans? I wear jeans because jeans don’t watch the news. Jeans don’t read Twitter. Jeans are just jeans.” This fake YouTube ad lampoons the hyper-masculine dogma repeated in every shaving company commercial that tells you to shave your balls.

The Chicken

This appears to be one of the biggest hits of the new content the outtakes released, and it’s easy to see why. The chords and stand-alone piano harken back to an earlier era of Burnham, with exceptional lyrical improvement. 

Five Years

Bo Burnham  Five Years

Bo Burnham

A song about the monotony of long-term relationships and the small nuances between couples. Do you like The Weeknd and jokes about your girlfriend taking one of your dumplings without asking first? This is a great one for you. 

This Feeling

Burnham takes on the mantle of a Tech Presentor in the small sketch “This Feeling.” The sketch begins simply enough with just hitting tech buzzwords, but evolves into a commentary on the never-ending nature of social media and our need to post our every move until we die.

Be Yourself

Bo Burnham Be Yourself

Bo Burnham

Bo gives young content creators advice about their creative future in this spoof of a Google motivational speaker. He gets to a great point which is, be yourself, unless you suck, then be somebody else.

Joe Biden

“They’re really gonna make me vote for Joe Biden.” We all remember this feeling so well, it deserves a soundtrack. Don’t be surprised if you hear this bop in a dance club soon.


Bo Burnham  Spider

Bo Burnham

Spider” may be my favorite bit of the entire collection. Spider tells the story of a spider in a web by Bo’s window. It’s fast, and pointless, and highlights how easily distracted you can get while procrastinating on finishing your special.

The Perfect Peanut Butter Sandwich

The peanut butter sandwich appears to be Burnham’s depression meal of choice, and I can’t blame him. This small sketch walks us through the process of how to make a peanut butter sandwich when your life feels like it's falling apart and you can’t find the energy to make any more effort.

Disco Ball

I for one really enjoyed that Bo included his process of figuring out what is arguably the most memorable shot in the entire special. I of course am referring to the headlamp hitting the spinning disco ball in “Content.” As someone who is also a creator, it really humanizes Burnham, showing how he chases instinct to eventually nab a masterful shot.


Bo Burnham Moist

Bo Burnham

Thinking the fact that you hate the word moist is so 2014. Grow up and pick a new word to hate like “giblets” or “famine.” Thanks for saying something, Bo.


Bo Burnham The ICU

Bo Burnham

Burnham ends his heavily edited outtakes with a recreation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe intro, followed up by the 9 planned sequels in phase two of the Inside Cinematic Universe. I personally am most excited for Girl Socko in 2029.

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Top Image: Bo Burnham


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