15 Bo Burnham Facts (To Give Us An Inside Look At The Star Of 'Inside')

15 Bo Burnham Facts (To Give Us An Inside Look At The Star Of 'Inside')

Many people are familiar with Bo Burnham's pandemic comedy special Inside, but Robert Pickering Burnham (weird) had an impressive career beforehand, even if he seems ashamed of his less-than-perfect roots. The 30-something-year-old got his start when he was only 16, and understandably, he may not want to be reminded of the art he made when he was a teenager. Still, his internet “child comedy prodigy” beginnings helped him to create his anxiety-filled, acclaimed Inside, which comedically captured the chaos of 2020 in a way we hadn't seen in an art form before. 

Just a Kid with a Platform

AT A GLANCE ВО BURNHAM In high school, Bo Burnham was an honor roll student and active in the campus ministry program The 6' 5 student was preparing for his SATS when he got his first agent. Не was only 16 years old when he started posting on YouTube. CRACKED.COM

Source: Boston Globe

Making and Setting Records

AT A GLANCE ВО BURNHAM Не was the youngest person to record a half-hour Comedy Central show. In 2008, he signed with Comedy Central albums. At 18, Burnham recorded his first special, setting the record. CRACKED.COM

Source: LA Times

(Briefly) A TV Star

AT A GLANCE во BURNHAM Не starred in the show Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous Burnham co-wrote the show with Dan Lagana (the showrunner for American Vandal). It was canceled after one season. CRACKED.COM

Source: Variety

Not Without Controversy

AT A GLANCE во BURNHAM His 2009 Westminster College performance was protested 15 students from Gay-Straight Alliance, Black Students Association, and International Club and Cultural Diversity Organization protested his concert. His song Problematic in Inside points out that his earlier edgy jokes were just offensive, even though he defended them at the time. CRACKED.COM

Source: Boston Herald

What Do Lupe Fiasco, Fort Minor, and Bo Have in Common?

AT A GLANCE ВО BURNHAM Lupe Fiasco, Во Burnham, and Fort Minor have all sampled the same GarageBand loop Во Burnham's 2010 Rant, Lupe Fiasco's 2015 Prisoner 1 & 2, and Fort Minor's Believe Me all sample the 2004 Orchestra Strings 08. It was also used in a Creed trailer. CRACKED.COM

Source: Who Sampled

Going Back to Eighth Grade

AT A GLANCE во BURNHAM Не wrote and directed Eighth Grade Во Burnham's writer-director debut was critically acclaimed. Не said, I really set out to just make a story about how I was feeling at the time that I was writing it, which was nervous, and sort of wanting to talk about the Internet and how it felt to sort of be alive right now. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

He Wrote a Fan Letter to Enya

AT A GLANCE ВО BURNHAM Burnham personally wrote to Enya to use Orinoco Flow in Eighth Grade a day without rain The New Age singer Enya lives in an actual castle in Ireland, next door to Bono. Burnham was so determined to use the song in his limited budget movie that he wrote her a personal letter, signing it Sail Away. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

A Promising Young Man

AT A GLANCE во BURNHAM Не plays the love interest in Promising Young Woman. JU We recommend the movie if you haven't seen it. There's a unforgettable falling-in-love montage set to Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind we won't be forgetting any time soon. CRACKED.COM

Long-Time Partner

AT A GLANCE ВО BURNHAM Burnham and Lorene Scafaria have been dating since 2013 A She's 12 years older than him and is a Hollywood veteran. She wrote and directed Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, The Meddler, and Hustlers. CRACKED.COM

Source: TIME

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