The 22 Weirdest Coincidences In Pop Culture History

Forget psychic hotlines -- let’s get these guys to predict something.
The 22 Weirdest Coincidences In Pop Culture History

Mind-blowing coincidences are par for the course in movies and shows. But when the movie itself somehow manages to inadvertently mimic something going on in the real world, it's just plain creepy. But weirdly, it happens all the time. Somehow our pop culture manages to be eerily prescient about the real world.

We asked our readers to collect the most ridiculously mind-blowing examples they could find. Then we paid them prize money. Which wasn't a coincidence.

The main voices of Master Xehanort, from the Kingdom Hearts franchise, passed away just six weeks apart from each other. Chikao Otsuka. the voice acto
Because of memory constraints, the programmers of Deus Ex were unable to add the Twin Towers to the New York skyline. They explained it by saying they
Nelson Mandela's death was announced at the CRAGN premiere of his biopic. CASWEE A4 1 COWAL 0 MWS BAMSMA Wono 00 SAATHAN IT IS AN CMAN M700 BENE NO 64
Akira, a 1982 manga by Katsuhiro otomo that was later adapted into a 1988 animated film, is set in a dystopian 2019 against the backdrop of an upcomin
In what has been called the worst case of party-pooping ever, GRAHAM CHAPMAN of MONTY PUTHON'S FIVIENC CHRCUS succumbed to cancer in October; 1989.
Norman Mailer predicted his own future. Norman Mailer Barbary Shore THe aig fRC DLOCKDUSTING THE T WRITER NOVEL -NAT HENTOFE, N NERICA B.20 VREEK Mail
Just weeks before he died after slamming his Porsche head-on into another vehicle, JAMES DEAN made a PSA for the National Safety Council, 130 warning
Robert De Niro CRACKED.COM won two Oscars for playing young Don Vito in The Godfather II and boxer Jake La Motta in Raging Bull. His Oscar wins are fo
In Extras (2005), Kate Winslet's character is an actress starring in an Oscar-bait movie about the Holocaust. In 2009, she won a Best Actress Oscar fo
After the 9/11 ATtAcKS, Elektra Records yanked and replaced this cover image for the album PARTY MUSIC by THE COUP, which depicted the destruction of
IN 2016's THE DOVER THE DO-OVER, ADAM OVER SANDLER PLAYS A CHARACTER CALLED MAX KESSLER. Well, it turns out there is a person with that same name in r
The 22 Weirdest Coincidences In Pop Culture History
Many attempts have been made to A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES by John Kennedy Toole, who killed himself at 31 to the big screen. The lead role was offered t
The first photo inside Jeladalm L d. pes i LIFE the November 1936 frst issue of LIFE was a newbor bOy. His name was George Story. He died shortly afte
The 22 Weirdest Coincidences In Pop Culture History
October 30, 1982: Actress Dominique Dunne was choked by her abusive ex- boyfriend, which put her in a coma. She succumbed to her injuries on November
Two of the founding members of EFEARREHE BIRRIPNE Paul Kantner and Signe Toly Anderson, died in 20 16 on the same day, January 28, at the same age, 74
The 22 Weirdest Coincidences In Pop Culture History
The 1986 family friendly science-fiction film, SPCE features a pivotal scene where a space shuttle CAMP carrying a crew of children almost explodes at
CRACKEDCO Charles M Schulz, creator of Peanuts, died a day before his final comic strip was published, wwhere he announced his retirement.
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