Bo Burnham's 'Inside' Was Shot In The Freddy Krueger House

Bo Burnham's 'Inside' Was Shot In The Freddy Krueger House

Bo Burnham’s Inside was either a brilliant work of modern comedy or a 90 minute irritant -- mostly for those viewers who are still bitterly jealous that Burnham successfully finished his lockdown project while some of us still have 1/8th of the Great American Novel collecting virtual dust in a Google Doc. At any rate, Inside was critically-acclaimed, nominated for awards, and was the most talked-about Netflix comedy special of the year that didn’t feature a comedian impishly crapping all over the trans community.

Obviously, Inside wasn’t just a clever title; it was all filmed in a house -- but most of us were likely unaware which house it was filmed in. It turns out that Inside was shot in an iconic horror movie location: Nancy Thompson’s house from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Yup, the same swank abode that was used for exterior shots in Wes Craven’s 1984 classic was where Burnham made Inside. Which is … surprising. Like, imagine if Tig Notaro did a set at the Bates Motel, or John Mulaney filmed his new special at Leatherface’s dilapidated murder shack.

The reason why Burnham filmed inside of a house most famous for stabbings and bad puns is that it’s owned by his partner, director Lorene Scafaria, who bought the Hollywood home back in 2013. If you’re bitterly jealous and wish that you too could live on fake Elm Street, good news: the house is up for sale. Yup, for just $3.25 million, the Thompson’s home could be yours. Appropriately enough, offers for the house are due at midnight on Halloween night -- and presumably, the contract must be signed in Robert Englund’s blood. And they say that if you listen carefully in the house at night, you can still hear the faint sounds of that Jeff Bezos song …

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