My wife is afraid of sharks. 

I don't mean to say that “she doesn't like the idea of sharks” or “she's kind of spooked by them”-- I mean even a playful, cartoon-y image of a baby shark singing an obnoxious nursey rhyme about the generations of their whole little cartoon shark family sends her into a very real anxious spiral. Sure, she's basically 100% guaranteed to not encounter a shark while on land, but it doesn't make the fear she experiences any less real. I showed her a few entries on this list-- a few facts that demonstrate that several mundane things are more likely to cause her harm than a shark… But she just punched me in the arm and yelled at me for showing her a listicle with pictures of sharks on it. 

So, these facts didn't help her much… But maybe they'll help calm YOUR irrational fear of.. whatever it is that you're afraid of. 

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