Is there anything more irritating than having to put on a pair of coarse, crusty underpants in the morning? Never the less, it's critical to maintain your clothing since, regrettably, we've passed the point in society where wearing a loincloth in public is acceptable. We ask you, what is ‘progress’ anyway?

But, as enticing as it is, we can't just leave everything like that for the rest of its life. Occasionally we have to undertake a deep cleaning of our wardrobe even more than we do in our rooms. Some people organize their closets by color, while others simply store their clothes irrespective of their fabrics, hues, or patterns, which is perfectly great. We all need to clean up our wardrobes, and we won't leave them looking drab and dreary when it's time to shop.

The fact is though, we’re all looking for ways to make the most of the clothes we have.  Fortunately, we’ve assembled some valuable clothing hacks that will leave your pleats crisp and your jaws firmly on the floor.  Step one: stop washing your blue jeans.  Yea, you heard us!

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Entry by Mozartella

You can use a razor to defuzz a sweater. CRACKED COM

Entry by LilySprite

CRACKEDCON Ladies! (or gentlemen, not judging) Feel more comfortable with a bra under that cute summer dress? Straps often look messy, but strapless b

Entry by LilySprite

CRAGKEDO If you've tried everything to get stains out of a shirt and nothing worked, don't use it as kindling quite yet... ...If it wasn't a greasy st

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