Your Dog and You Will Love This Women-Owned Brand

Your Dog and You Will Love This Women-Owned Brand

March is International Women’s Month, so if you’re one of those performative allies who only thinks about things like social justice and equity during specific months, it’s your time to shine! And so long as you’re being such a good person, you might as well do well by your dog, too, right?

So, support a woman-owned business while learning more about Fido with the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test!

DNA My Dog is like 23andMe for your dog. The painless DNA cheek swab kit was recognized at the 2020 GHP Biotechnology Awards as a leader in ethical canine genetic testing because it takes just a minute to get your sample. Send it off to the lab, and in a couple of weeks, you’ll have a detailed report breaking down your dog’s unique characteristics. You’ll learn your dog's exact breed mix, their DNA composition, and what their DNA says about their personality traits, their genetic health concerns, and their predisposition to certain diseases. When you have all of that information, you’ll know how to give them the best care possible that meets them where their needs are.

Customer Ian Brock writes, “What a great idea — learned so much about our rescue. Thought she was a Lab. She is a Boxer/Golden Retriever mix plus 2 other breeds. How can you beat that?” Bonnie H. adds, “I loved this experience!!! The kit came immediately with great instructions. The results came exactly when promised. When I couldn’t open the attachment with the results, I emailed my concern and got instant help! To find out his DNA has been the coolest experience! The description of the levels was most helpful. SO GLAD I DID THIS!!” 

Support a woman-owned business while getting closer with your pooch! Right now, you can get a DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test for 24 percent off $79 at just $60.

Prices subject to change

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