14 Surprisingly Profound Lyrics from Absolute Cornballs

Kid Rock summons his inner John F. Kennedy to promote selflessness.
14 Surprisingly Profound Lyrics from Absolute Cornballs

Nuggets of wisdom can come from anywhere. Whether we get an inspirational little tidbit from the library or a Nickelback lyric, who is anyone else to judge? That tidbit is yours now. Yours to hold dear and possibly share with others. Music is the perfect gateway to inspiration. It lures us in with those catchy hooks, then drops a gem that gets us thinking. And we can all pull up John Lennon’s “Imagine,” or Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” for profound inspiration, but today we dug much, much deeper.

By simply breezing over these lyrics, you’d probably just give a solid eye-roll and miss the wisdom within. Believe us, we were as shocked as anyone, but Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” and Hanson’s “Mmmbop” have some profound messages that could walk with you forever. Those and many more are right here in these 15 surprisingly profound lyrics from otherwise goofball bands. 

Smash Mouth - From “Walkin’ on the Sun”

CRACKED TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, THEY SPOKE OUT AND THEY BROKE OUT OF RECESSION AND OPPRESSION AND TOGETHER THEY TOKED. AND THEY FOLKED OUT WITH GUITARS AROUND A BONFIRE. JUST SINGIN' AND CLAPPIN', MAN, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? SMASH MOUTH Written by guitarist Greg Camp, it mirrored Rodney King's Can't we all get along sentiment and questioned if everyone had forgotten the Civil Rights movement.

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Creed - From “My Sacrifice”

CRACKED HELLO MY FRIEND, WE MEET AGAIN. IT'S BEEN A WHILE, WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? CREED Written about his issues with addiction, Scott Stapp reconnects with his sober self.


Fall Out Boy - From “I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None In My Fingers”

CRACKED YOU'RE A CANARY. I'M A COAL MINE FALL OUT BOY The canary in the coal mine is an idiom about recognizing potential danger, since canaries were used by miners to detect toxic gasses. Patrick Stump's lyric recognizes that he's been toxic in the relationship.

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The Killers - From “Rut”

GRACKED DON'T GIVE UP ON ME. 'CAUSE I'M JUST IN A RUT. I'M CLIMBING BUT THE WALLS KEEP STACKING UP. THE KILLERS The Killers singer Brandon Flowers puts a little more oomph in the I can change cliche. Sometimes people are trying to change, but it takes time.

RadioX / PSU 

Ashlee Simpson - From “Autobiography”

GRACKED WALKED A THOUSAND MILES WHILE EVERYONE WAS ASLEEP. NOBODY'S REALLY SEEN MY MILLION SUBTLETIES. ASHLEE SIMPSON Ashlee Simpson reminds us that not everyone's journey has the same starting line. You never really know what someone's been through.


Kelly Osbourne - From “One Word”

CRACKED ONE LIE TELLS A THOUSAND STORIES. THE GREATEST STORIES THAT WERE EVER TOLD. KELLY OSBOURNE HAS Kelly Osbourne for the win! She's saying that the truth is just one story, but a lie can be anything it wants. It can sound impressive but it's still a lie.

Genius / CNN 

Maroon 5 - From “She Will Be Loved”

GRACKED IT'S NOT ALWAYS RAINBOWS AND BUTTERFLIES. IT'S COMPROMISE THAT MOVES US ALONG. MAROON 5 His recent actions sully this one, but Adam Levine tells us that relationships start out cutesy, but take compromise to go the distance. Compromise... Like her accepting your infidelity.

AZ Lyrics / NPR 

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