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People Keep Confusing 'It's Always Sunny's' 'Mac' For Ryan Reynolds's Pal and Mark Wahlberg

Just like Boston is NOT Philadelphia, Marky Mark is NOT Mac from 'It's Always Sunny'


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Martha Stewart's Parole Officer Banned Her From Hosting 'Saturday Night Live'

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Pre-'WandaVision', Elizabeth Olsen Was The Center Of A Very '90s Mary-Kate and Ashley Diss Track

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SHOCKING! Kim Kardashian Divorces Kanye West

I'm sure absolutely no one could have predicted this!


Hasbro Scraps Action Figures of The Mandalorian's Cara Dune Following Gina Carano's Firing

First a scrapped sequel. Now, a scrapped action figure.


3 Bizarre Details From Gina Carano's 'Mandalorian' Firing

Baby Yoda does not approve.


10 of the Biggest Takeaways From Britney Spears' Explosive New Documentary

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'Stifler's Mom' Once Pretended To Be Her Own Twin To Date Two Men At The Same Time

Jennifer Coolidge has absolutely zero qualms about living her best life.