One of Jerry’s Girlfriends on ‘Seinfeld’ Now Has Three Times His Net Worth

She’s worth $3 billion, but she still can’t spare three squares
One of Jerry’s Girlfriends on ‘Seinfeld’ Now Has Three Times His Net Worth

Contrary to what her character said on Seinfeld, Jami Gertz could spare a billion squares if she really wanted to.

With an approximated net worth of $950 million, Jerry Seinfeld has come the closest to sniffing a billion-dollar net worth of any sitcom legend in history — with the obvious exception of sitcom producers and network executives, of course. At that level of wealth, it’s inevitable that he’d have to date down on the dollar scale in order to find a partner as, according to Forbes, there are only 337 living female billionaires in the world. However, that list includes a certain former flame who once denied a sheet of toilet paper to another affluent female in Seinfeld’s life: Gertz, who played Seinfeld’s on screen girlfriend Jane in the Season Five episode “The Stall,” is worth an estimated $3 billion today. Maybe she could have just wiped her ass with a few Benjamins.

Thanks to her family’s fortune, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is no lightweight in the wealth department, but Gertz easily clears the rest of the ranks for Seinfeld’s most affluent on-screen inamoratas. It’s too bad Jerry couldn’t make this one stick — imagine how many more Bee Movies he could have self-funded with a few billion.

Even if Seinfeld and Gertz could overcome Elaine’s unseemly bathroom request, it’s unlikely that she would be able to achieve her preposterous level of prosperity if she was stuck with some stand-up for a husband. In real life, Gertz’ groom is Antony Ressler, who co-founded private equity firms Apollo Global Management and Ares Management after marrying Gertz. Her investments along with her husband are the source of her spectacularly high net worth. But, maybe if she married Jerry, today, he’d be a billionaire businessman too instead of an auto mechanic/coffee boy

Along with her position in her husband’s businesses, Gertz is a partial owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team and the Milwaukee Brewers MLB franchise. Maybe, with that inside scoop, Jerry and George wouldn’t have had to pretend to be white supremacists to score tickets to the Knicks game.

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