The Best Subtle ‘Seinfeld’ Jokes That Went Over the Heads of the Casuals

The Best Subtle ‘Seinfeld’ Jokes That Went Over the Heads of the Casuals

So many of the exquisite jokes in Seinfeld can only be appreciated by a refined palate — after all, not everyone can eat their Snickers bars using cutlery.

Much like Rick and MortySeinfeld is only fully understood by those touting the highest IQ scores — references to history, geography, politics and science sail well over the heads of the less refined while us geniuses let out sensible chuckles at both the comedic mastery of Larry David and the philistines who will never appreciate such artistic excellence. Put simply, if you like Seinfeld and get all the jokes, then you are smarter than the rest of the population — especially those heathens who prefer Friends.

The superfans of the Seinfeld subreddit recently discussed which of these high-brow bits that couldn’t be caught by “casual viewers” are their favorite. Here are their answers to entertain yourself on the way to the opera

This guy, is not my kind of guy. One of the three Buddy Rich tape lines snuck into the show.” — ChimpanA-Z

“The Soup Nazi moving to Argentina.” — tunacasserole9

“George: How could I possibly interfere?
Jerry: Isnt that what Jack Ruby said?” — litsalmon

“Kramer not knowing Little Jerry was a rooster and not a chicken was funny. But I always missed the line earlier in the diner where he says, These eggs are disgusting; this chicken should be ashamed of HIMself. Thats just great writing.” — SirAbeFrohman

“Kramer yelling, ‘Maybe I will take it up with Consumer Affairs!’ when the Jiffy Dump Guy won’t take the muffin tops. Jiffy Dump Guy, of course, being the same actor as the Jiffy Park Guy who had told George to take it up with Consumer Affairs when prostitutes were using his parked car for business.” — ugenesbluegenes

“Kramer telling Jerry he can’t act. Kinda breaking the fourth wall, because Jerry was really the worst actor. Often even worse than extras.” — ICOTrenderdotcom

“In ‘The Contest,’ when Elaine says she’s still ‘queen of the castle’ then pops an ice cube in her mouth and starts eating it. If you didn’t know, there’s an old wives tale that says if a woman chews on ice cubes it means she’s sexually frustrated.” — The-Beer-Baron

The line ‘I choose not to run’ is a Calvin Coolidge quote from 1924. It has to be among the most obscure references in sitcom history. — Richard-Brecky

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