The 15 Least Punk Rock Moments from Allegedly Legendary Punk Rockers

The 15 Least Punk Rock Moments from Allegedly Legendary Punk Rockers

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What is punk? Well, Webster’s dictionary defines… Sorry, just kidding. In our own words (which we know will no doubt be skewered by all the “real punks” out there), punk music began as an incredibly fast, three chord, f*ck what you thought you knew about rock & roll type of rock & roll. That raw, simplistic, anti-establishment sentiment became an entire punk subculture for teens since the ’70s. That whole “anti-establishment” thing is where things get messy.

Punk rock musicians are labeled “sell-outs” more than any other artists, because most other genres don’t live in that gray area between anarchy and capitalism. Jay-Z made it known that he was out for fame and riches since day one, and everyone got behind that. Punks connect with fans with a “f*ck commercialism” message, but they also want to live off of their art. So where’s the line? We’re not saying that they can’t make a living. Some of these bands went diamond, and are globally recognizable, but while they’re still in the punk realm, un-punk moments like product-hawking cash-grabs, and primadonna freak outs will not be tolerated. Like these 15 moments here.

Punk: Three Chords and three chipmunks.

UN-PUNK PUNK MOMENTS ALVIN, SIMON, AND THEODORE GO PUNK! The Chipmunks have always been known for their hardcore punk roots, but their 1980 album Chipmunk Punk didn't actually feature any punk songs. They simply punkified Tom Petty's hit Refugee and Blondie's Call Me. Unpunk to the max. A CRACKED For ДЕН

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UN-PUNK PUNK MOMENTS TRAVIS BARKER PERFORMS AT THE VANITY FAIR can san OSCAR PARTY In a Vanity Fair Oscars interview, he sits with wife Kourtney Kardashian, getting his make-up done and tux fitted, and we're reminded that the '90s were a long time ago. CRACKED

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