20 Horrifying Scenes That Were Cut From Disney Movies

Turns out Disney movies could have been way, way darker.
20 Horrifying Scenes That Were Cut From Disney Movies

Disney movies take a lot of perverse pride in killing off characters and squeezing kids through an emotional wringer. But rest assured that they all could've been WAY darker if they'd kept certain scenes from the original fairy tales (or even their own early drafts). They’re called the brothers Grimm for a reason, you know what we mean?? Alright, we’ll see ourselves out then. It’s true though: children’s stories used to be way darker and brutal than they are now. Consider the Pied Piper, who basically kidnapped an entire village worth of children!

Not before we let you in on some dirty little secrets, though. For example, we bet you didn’t know about Rapunzel’s agonizing thorn-based death trap or the real and horrifying fate of Pinocchio after he gets turned into a donkey in Carlo Collodi’s original tale. Don’t even get us started on the true fate of Mulan. 

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