Chevy Chase’s Fall at ‘Christmas Vacation’ Event Doesn’t Even Make Personal Top Ten

C’mon, Chevy, you can fall funnier than that
Chevy Chase’s Fall at ‘Christmas Vacation’ Event Doesn’t Even Make Personal Top Ten

Get well wishes to Chevy Chase, who showed up for one of his Christmas Vacation Q&As Wednesday and promptly tumbled off the Buffalo, New York stage. Of course, TMZ was there. TMZ is everywhere.

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For a pratfall king like Chase, that would have been damn well expected if he was 30 years younger. But considering that someone had to roll him onto the stage in a wheelchair, it’s fair to say it wasn’t planned. Worse yet, it wasn’t funny. Chase seems to have survived the tumble just fine, so it wasn’t tragic either, but when Chevy Chase falls, we want a laugh! His latest doesn’t even make his top ten topples. 

The Debate Stumble Fakeout

The beauty of this Carter/Ford debate on SNL is how much we’re anticipating for Chevy to fall at the end. He knows it too, teasing the faceplant before yoinking it away like Lucy denying Charlie Brown a chance to kick the football.

The Ladder Slide

Clark is pretty high off the ground as he tries to hang the Griswold holiday lights. Will he fall from the ladder or return to earth in another way?


The First Ford Fall

Chase turned Gerald Ford into America’s Clutz, but he doesn’t quite nail the pratfall the first time around. Don’t worry, he’ll perfect it soon.

The Kissinger Fall

This entire sketch is built around a tall flight of stairs, foreshadowing the fall we all know is coming. Chase nails this one.

The Remote Fall

Chase isn’t exactly phoning it in here, but he is performing the cold open from a remote location. To give the live audience what they came to see, a stagehand jumps on stage and pushes the monitor featuring Chase to the floor. 

The Wheelchair Fall

Wednesday wasn’t the first time Chase careened from a wheelchair to the unforgiving ground below. 

Fifteenth Anniversary Fall

We’ll forgive Chase’s obvious use of a body double here given that (a) he’d been addicted to painkillers for back pain and didn’t need to start that up again and (b) the fall itself is so spectacular.

The Chart Fall

Early on, Chase realized that ordinary falls would grow tired fast. Introducing props increased the danger factor that comedy fans craved.

The Stumblebum Fall

The Three Amigos reunite for this exercise in comic clumsiness.

The Christmas Fall

And what better way to celebrate the season than Chase’s fall into a full-blown Christmas tree? Happy holidays!

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