People And Companies That Prioritized Principles Over Profit

People And Companies That Prioritized Principles Over Profit

We tend to think of corporations as inherently greedy and evil.  Often this reputation has arrived with good reason. However, it turns out that sometimes businesses forego large profits for objectively noble reasons. Whenever we take the concept of a shareholder to its logical conclusion, you can argue that every individual is a stakeholder in every organization. 

How do corporations balance the claims when there are so many internal and external stakeholders? No subgroup should be regarded more favorably than another in terms of ethics, and management should answer with as many stakeholders involved. However, organizations must prioritize claims due to time and cost constraints as partner needs change. It turns out, some companies and individuals are WAY better at this than others.

It's enough to make you believe in humanity again. At the very least, a bit. So lighten up and scroll down and enjoy a little knowledge that may surprise you.

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