13 Hollywood Heavy Hitters Who Refuse to Play Nice

13 Hollywood Heavy Hitters Who Refuse to Play Nice

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You’d think cutesy little creative projects like writing and playing make-believe would be pretty low stakes, but when millions (sometimes billions) of dollars are at stake, tensions start building pretty quickly. Makes sense. On the power scale, creative control seems to be right up there with money, and these egos just wouldn’t give in. 

Movie and TV projects are messy situations to begin with, because there’s no set hierarchy. On the surface, studios and executive producers seem to be the bosses because they have the money and do the hiring. But once millions of dollars are doled out to directors and actors, bad behavior is usually tolerated because firing them mid-project risks millions in reshoots. 

A director would be the next clear choice, but what happens when a star actor (who makes way more money than them) is the one reason this project will make a ton of money? The power struggles are real, and each project has its own set of rules. So, whether it was a case of caring too much, or caring too little, one or both of these Hollywood heavy hitters crossed a line, then refused to work together ever again.

Masterful editing got them in scenes together.

Hollywood feuds VIN DWAYNE DIESEL VS JOHNSON Johnson said, I wish him all the best, and I harbor no ill will there, just because of the clarity we have. Actually, you can erase that last part about 'no ill will.''' They're only on screen together because of split-screening in post-production. CRACKED

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Thank you, Edward Norton! Sincerely, Mark Ruffalo.

Hollywood feuds EDWARD NORTON VS MARVEL Norton was difficult throughout the entire creative process, but after he insisted on editing The Incredible Hulk, Marvel distanced themselves and hired Mark Ruffalo for future films. CRACKED

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Crowe went all Maximus on his ass.

Hollywood feuds RUSSELL CROWE VS A GLADIATOR PRODUCER While filming Gladiator, Crowe allegedly threatened seasoned producer Branko Lustig, and said that he would kill him with his bare hands, because he was annoying the hell out of him. CRACKED

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As Tyrion’s sell-sword, Bronn and Cersei easily could have interacted.

Hollywood feuds LENA HEADY VS JEROME FLYNN Cersei and Bronn don't have scenes together on Game of Thrones because the (ex) couple dated in 2002, and they're not on talking terms after the nasty breakup. CRACKED


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A tonsil hockey fight.

Hollywood feuds WILLIAM VS SHARON STONE BALDWIN On 1993's Sliver, Stone's violent feud with Baldwin led to her biting his tongue so hard in a make-out scene that he couldn't speak for weeks. CRACKED

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’Round here, creative differences are enough to get your shin kicked.

Hollywood feuds CRIMINAL MINDS VS THOMAS GIBSON Gibson had numerous verbal and physical on-set altercations. In 2010 he reportedly shoved an assistant director, and he was fired in 2016 for kicking a writer in the shin because of creative differences. CRACKED

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Four Christmases with anyone could be rough.

Hollywood feuds REESE WITHERSPOON VS VINCE VAUGH On Four Christmases, they found each other to be entirely vile. The hatred was so intense that a source said, Sometimes Vince will be standing behind her and he has this look on his face that he just wants to kill her! CRACKED

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