15 Freakouts That Got Actors Fired

15 Freakouts That Got Actors Fired

Believe it or not, acting is a job. I don't mean in the sense that actors get paid for performing, that's apparent. What I mean is that like any job, there are expectations, rules, and ways that you can get fired for that job. Now, due to contracts and various other factors, it usually requires a big meltdown in order for them to get fired, but the fact is that it can happen. It may require the actor to resort to physical violence or incredibly insane behavior, but it does occur.

It's nice to know that actors have to live up to at least some of the same standards as the rest of us. If we're not allowed to steal company food, put our colleagues in a chokehold, or spill mustard on Sylvester Stallone, no one should be allowed to! Here is a list of 15 times an actor got canned due to bizarre circumstances.

Lisa Kudrow was too funny. FRASIER Writers were taken aback by her delivery, and would have to rewrite her dialogue after read-throughs. The new lines

Gilbert Gottfried relentlessly roasted Japan. AFLAC CRACKED COM Gottfried just would not stop tweeting insensitive jokes about the 2011 tsunami that k

Sylvester Stallone wanted more action, less comedy. BEVERLY HILLS COP Sly refused to work with the script he was given. He even punched up (completely

Katie Redford lied about her age. CORONATION STREET CRACKED COM ...by a lot. She told producers she was 19 to land the role of a 14-year-old. But the

Marcus Chong might have stolen food. THE MATRIX Warner Bros says he was axed from the sequels for stealing food from the lot... oh, and making threate

Source: EW

Steve Whitmire refused to lie to Miss Piggy. THE MUPPETS CRACKED COM Whitmire became the spiritual (and literal) successor to Jim Henson, and as such,
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