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Spain Has An Abandoned Jumbo Jet Problem

They're blocking the runway for the other planes that still have jobs.


7 Real (Ridiculous) Rules For Being Ronald McDonald

These rules from the golden arches should arching some eyebrows ...


Take A Toxic Tour Through England's Poison Garden

Don't forget to social distance from Mother Nature too.


How The 'Nigerian Prince' Scam Became An Entire Life-Style

Those phishing emails that look like they were written by three kids in a trenchcoat? That's a feature, not a bug.


Japan Maintains The Ancient Tradition Of Adopting Adult Men

When it comes to business, family comes first. But when it comes to family, business comes first.


Vodka Is No Longer Russia's Favorite Drink. It's Moonshine

To enjoy samogon, all you need is some sugar, a washing machine and A-grade alcoholism.


6 Eyebrow-Raising Old Sodas That Sound Like Liquid Nightmares

Doesn't matter if you call them 'soda' or 'pop,' these drinks are still trash.


Can't Make It Up: The First 'Internet' Meme Is 100 This Year

Want to feel old? The first Internet meme is 100-years-old.


55 Swindlers Whose Schemes Fooled The World

We've become much more savvy and skeptical, judging by the following scammers who somehow managed to fool people in days past.


5-Level Descent Into Madness Of Competitive Dog Dancing

Ever Seen Dog Dancing? Well Buckle Up.


6 Ridiculous Rejects From The Island Of Misfit Toys

These are the kinds of toys that make us feel as if nobody ever played with them before they got sent out.


18 Terrible T-Shirts For Terrible Couples

If you own any of these t-shirts, please don't come to our party. We will leave a slice of cake on the driveway.


When A Businessman Mailed Himself A Whole Bank (Brick By Brick)

Taking banking by mail to a whole new level.