15 Major Movie (And TV) Roles That Famous Actors, Somehow, Turned Down

15 Major Movie (And TV) Roles That Famous Actors, Somehow, Turned Down

Look, we get it: casting depends on the absolute perfect fit. And sometimes you, the actor, don't want to take a project you don't feel right for! Or heck, maybe scheduling conflicts get in the way. Those pesky calendars, always dictating where we need to go. Oh, damn, we just remembered we're late for a dentist's appointment. Not gonna stop us from posting this article, though! Our teeth can wait, we are true internet wizards here at Cracked.

All that said, there are some truly baffling times actors turned down roles. As a bunch of sit-at-home grunt workers typing on computers—not in our mother's basement, we'll have you know—we found these pretty hard to believe. 

Did you know that they offered James Gandolfini millions of dollars to join the cast of The Office? But he still said no? The cast of The Office! You gotta be pretty secure in your professional stature to turn that down. Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:

We could've watched Josh Hartnett, not Christian Bale, as Batman. Hartnett regrets passing on the role, but more because it meant that he missed a chance to work with Christopher Nolan than anything else. CRACKED.COM

Source: DenOfGeek

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