36 Movies & TV Shows We Didn't Realize Were Pretty Dark

36 Movies & TV Shows We Didn't Realize Were Pretty Dark

It's a moment we've all had, some more pleasantly surprising than others: You're watching an old favorite when you're struck as if by lightning. Wait, is this movie actually dark as hell? Sometimes it's a simple scene, placed intentionally into a work to make you feel a certain way… But other times, it's an unexpected little incongruity in a narrative fiction that sends your mind spiraling trying to connect the pieces, and maybe not liking the results that await you on the other side.

It's one thing when an unexpectedly dark moment appears in an otherwise fun and funny thing-- But it's another when a simple aesthetic change in a famous action cartoon implies a massive genocide of a species. There are also moments where the fuzzy mascots of a major franchise are clearly cannibals, no matter what the massive corporation who owns the space wizard battles tries to tell you in some comic book. We know about the truth about the ewoks, Disney. We know. 

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