23 Celeb Fame Coping Strategies


Celebrities have to deal with some weird shit, just because they're famous. Overzealous fans, aggressive photographers, and just the general scrutiny that comes with living in the public eye. Fame really seems like it sucks, as evidenced by JUSTIN GODDAMN BEIBER of all people saying he wouldn't wish it on his own worst enemy. Something about our celebrity culture is deeply, deeply wrong. Now is the time for us to take a societal look inward, consider our levels of fandom, consider what we incentivize the press to do, and really re-evaluate things. In just a minute, though, I think I saw Mark Hamill over there, and dude is super chill on Twitter, maybe I can score an autograph…

Not him. Just my friend Brian. Anyway, what? Oh yeah. Some celebrities have had to develop some specific coping mechanisms to keep all the fame from driving them nuts. A lot of them are George Parmesean-levels of creative. And sometimes those coping strategies are nuts, anyway.

For example:

Entry by JMCreativo

This is probably the Most famous picture of ALBERT EINSTEIN. But did you know it was actually an attempt to RUIN THE PHOTO FOR THE PAPARAZZI? He was v
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