23 Celeb Fame Coping Strategies

It's kind of a pain, being kind of a big deal.
23 Celeb Fame Coping Strategies

Celebrities have to deal with some weird shit, just because they're famous. Overzealous fans, aggressive photographers, and just the general scrutiny that comes with living in the public eye. Fame really seems like it sucks, as evidenced by JUSTIN GODDAMN BEIBER of all people saying he wouldn't wish it on his own worst enemy. Something about our celebrity culture is deeply, deeply wrong. Now is the time for us to take a societal look inward, consider our levels of fandom, consider what we incentivize the press to do, and really re-evaluate things. In just a minute, though, I think I saw Mark Hamill over there, and dude is super chill on Twitter, maybe I can score an autograph…

Not him. Just my friend Brian. Anyway, what? Oh yeah. Some celebrities have had to develop some specific coping mechanisms to keep all the fame from driving them nuts. A lot of them are George Parmesean-levels of creative. And sometimes those coping strategies are nuts, anyway.

For example:

CRACKEDcO After being recognized and carried around by a crowd at a festival, Rupert Grint started disguising himself RedBul PAC with an animal mask a
Leonardo Di Umbrella. P UST hed CRACKEID CON JJUST 117
CRACKED CON Mark Hamill uses a wheelchair as a disguise to avoid being badgered by autograph sellers.
At the time when everyone knew where Frank Zappa lived, a man showed up at his house and pulled out a gun. Zappa kept his cool, and by enlisting every
At the height of Robert Pattinson's Twilight fame, an obsessed fan lurked outside his apartment for weeks. Finally he decided to take her out to dinne
Johnny Depp sees being famous as similar to living like a fugitive. He says every move in his life, even things as simple as checking in and out of a
Johnny Depp, Rob Lowe, Michael J. Fox and other celebs have used a fan mail answering company. Sylvia Spanky Taylor, president of Spanky Taylor Inc.
Dolly Parton once entered a drag queen Dolly look- alike contest MPLIN' NE PLIN So I just got in the line and I just walked across, and they just tho
CRACKEDCO COM Whenever George Clooney wants to just ride his motorcycle, he leaves the house by 5 AM to beat the paparazzi.
Daniel Radcliffe attended Comic- Con in a full Spider-Man suit AND spoke in an American accent so nobody would know it was him. CRACKED.COM
Justin Bieber has worn ridiculous disguises and even cavorted around in a gas mask all in an effort to avoid Beliebers. And those are just the inciden
This is Ashlee Simpson's and Pete Wentz's 2008 attempt to poke fun at the paparazzi. Celf Your AD CouD BE EEY EMAL D your AD COULD BE HERE... EMAIL: J
CRACKED COR Avoiding paparazzi is a part of the job for a superstar like Taylor Swift. But sometimes she'd make their jobs harder by walking backwards
To avoid the paparazzi and make her pictures worth less, Katy Perry wears the same Adidas track suit whenever she leaves her house.
The Monroe Six' were a group of teenagers that followed Marilyn Monroe paparazzi- style throughout New York City in the mid- 1950s. Instead Of shyin
Dave Chappelle walked away from $50 million. Stressed out from the pressures of his hit show, he abruptly quit and went on a spiritual retreat to Afri
Dustin Hoffman trolls paparazzi by hiding behind everyday objects. weama His body stays visible, but they can't get a clear shot of his face.
When A hacker threatened to leak Bella Thorne's nudes... ...she released them herself -- exposing his phone number billboat to her 7 music awards mill
While dating, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hid their faces behind notes 3 aathanisin Grad Mernime .HSPeakr Ae' 1J aa SU listing charities that need
Chris Evans went into therapy after he agreed to play Captain America. It would be his biggest role ever, and being very famous wasn't something he wa
CRACKED cO Celebrities have now started wearing Anti-Paparazzi clothing. Parts of the cloth are made of reflective materials which light up under a fl
This is probably the Most famous picture of ALBERT EINSTEIN. But did you know it was actually an attempt to RUIN THE PHOTO FOR THE PAPARAZZI? He was v
A fan once sent Norman Reedus a breast implant to cheer him upo The concerned fan thought the actor looked depressed and needed something to lift his
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