18 Simple Ways Other Countries Are Just Better Than America

18 Simple Ways Other Countries Are Just Better Than America

Hey, look, the United States is pretty great, OK? But when you hold up some of our customs and comforts to other countries', we're ... how do we put this nicely? kind of behind on the times. That's a nice way of saying other countries are way cooler, right?

Moving on -- to illustrate what we mean, we asked our readers to show us some great aspects of life from around the globe to really demonstrate what we're missing out on. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by AM Smiley

Cars are rare in Cuba, and as a result, all government vehicles are required to pick up hitchhikers (space permitting) to ensure they reach their dest

Entry by mkad

Imagine a game show... EIHMAKIFR long running. genuinely challenging. tocusing on VwE PenANT difficult word and math 000 puzzles... 10 751384 With a p

Entry by KerryDay

In Norwayo getting out and enioying nature is an important cultural value. They call it Fruiluftsliv loosely translated as O Open Air Life. Practice

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