15 Beloved, Classic Shows That You Somehow Can’t Stream Today

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15 Beloved, Classic Shows That You Somehow Can’t Stream Today

Ah, the good old days of television. When the only way to watch your favorite shows was to be in front of the TV at the exact right time. When the only way to re-watch an episode was to tape it on VHS. When the only way to catch up on a show was to get the DVD box set. But now, in the age of streaming, we can watch any show we want, whenever and wherever we want... almost. Turns out, some classic shows just aren’t there.

This list is a tribute to some of the best shows from the past, from the quirky comedy of Pete & Pete to the suspense of Tales from the Crypt.... that you can’t stream today. We’ve got comedy, drama, horror, and more. We’ve got shows starring everyone from Jim Carrey to Andre Braugher. We’ve got shows that won awards and shows that were nominated for awards. 

So, if you’re looking for a blast from the past, look no further. This list has something for everyone (to get frustrated by). So, without further ado, let’s get started on our journey through the best of classic television (that you can’t watch).

Lawyers, lawyers everywhere...and not a drop of justice.

L.A. LAW CRACKED This hit legal drama was set in a fancy L.A. lawfirm. It followed the Hill Street Blues style of multiple storylines and won 15 Emmys for its witty and passionate characters.

TV Guide / TV Line 

Murphy Brown: 10 seasons of one-liners.

MURPHY BROWN GRACKED Murphy Brown was a PG-rated CBS sitcom for 10 seasons, starring a reporter and her coworkers. You can catch 1 season on Amazon.

TV Guide / EW 

Small town life with a side of quirkiness - that's Northern Exposure.

NORTHERN EXPOSURE THIS SOURCE CRACKED This quirky, Emmy-winning drama was about a med-school grad who must practice in a remote Alaskan village. It was created by the makers of St. Elsewhere and has eccentric, endearing characters.

TV Guide / The Crimson 

A star-studded start to comedy greatness?

IN LIVING COLOR CRACKED In Living Color was an Emmy-winning sketch-comedy show on FOX for 5 seasons. It launched stars like Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Lopez.

TV Guide / YT 

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