There's a couple of things we've learned never to do right before bed, like recreating that caffeine pilll with Jessie and Zack from Saved by the Bell (we're so exccciiittttteddd) or eating a large thanksgiving dinner for one. Uncomfortable to say the least. We've got a new one for the not to do list, however: reading spooky dang stories!

We can still remember sneaking out of bed and popping in a worn VHS of the original (ed note: read ‘good’) ‘IT’ by Steven King. Didn't sleep for days. Still haven't been to a circus or near a sewer grate.

Hey, are you about to go to bed? Don't read any further unless you were planning to sleep with the lights on anyway-- Oh, you were? Sure, pal. 

Seriously though, if you are looking for some SPOOKY yet TRUE stories that will for sure keep you up at night…scroll on down. Unless you're a coward. Then just stay right here and DO NOT touch that lil' scroll wheel ya rascal.

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