We have all heard the stories of the brave individuals who have stood up to powerful corporations and won. We have heard of those who have fought for justice and those who have paved the way for future generations. We have seen the power of the people and the strength of the law. 

This list is dedicated to those brave individuals. From Rob Bilott, who took DuPont to the cleaners, to Richard Durkin, who won his battle with PC World after 16 years, these are the stories of the people who have gone head-to-head with the big corporations and won. We have the story of Cynthia Robinson, who won a record-breaking $23.6 billion judgment against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, to Bill Browder, who has been fighting Russian corruption for 10 years. 

These are the stories of the people who have taken on the powerful and won. These are the people who have stood up for justice and made a difference in the world.

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