19 Awesome Survival Tips (You’ll Probably Never Need)

19 Awesome Survival Tips (You’ll Probably Never Need)

It's not unusual to imagine yourself (usually while on the crapper or in the shower) in a completely implausible scenario that will never, ever occur during your lifetime. But it's still fun to make believe, right?

Well, now you can imagine how you will totally survive those situations like the badass of your daydreams.

Entry by Yaznest

So, you're buried alive, huh? First, stop panicking; rapid breathing will use up all your air. Next, wrap your head in your shirt to prevent you from

Entry by Lolly~

CRACKEDCON If dust or ash ever completely covers the Earth's atmosphere and causes global disaster, head to a cruise ship! Cruise ships have food, wat

Entry by

Have hordes of zombies taken over your town? cRA Fight back by unleashing Lone Star ticks. Once bitten, these ticks cause an allergy to mammal meat. A

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