The Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles merged to form the Steagles even during the 1943 season as they both managed to lose so many gamers to WWII military service!!!

It has been an agonizing few days, with the relatively slow week of sports on all of us and no competent games getting played. Is this everyday world if there is no football, baseball, hockey, or basketball? Apart from Netflix to the bouncy ball, the only thing that will keep us sane is researching unexpected sports facts, so I've decided to repay the favor and share some with you to assist you in getting over this difficult time.

It turns out that the sporting events world is full of strange facts and ridiculous rules that you may not be aware of. E.g., did you guys know that tennis players can request a replay of a point if their opposition's hat falls off? More about that, as well as 29 other fascinating sports facts:


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