10 of the Angriest Letters Andy Kaufman Received About Wrestling Women

‘I’m gonna whoop your sissy-britchered, slick-haired body into a bloody pulp’
10 of the Angriest Letters Andy Kaufman Received About Wrestling Women

In 1979, Andy Kaufman wrestled a woman on Saturday Night Live, “beating” her by wrangling the rules. Then he challenged all of America’s women to fight him, offering to shave his head and give $1,000 to any gal who could pin him. 

His wrestling taunts were so over-the-top and nasty that women everywhere took offense. He received so much hate mail that his partner, Lynne Margulies, compiled a number of the angry letters into a compilation called Dear Andy Kaufman, I Hate Your Guts! Here are 10 of the most furious messages that showed up in Kaufman’s mailbox…

Roll With It

“I’m in an electric wheelchair and I’d gladly run it over (Andy) a few times if it would shut him up.”

Names Will Never Hurt Me

“I’m gonna whoop your sissy-britchered, slick-haired body into a bloody pulp.”

Don’t Look Back

“I’ll rub your face into the ground until it looks like the rear of you to show the world what a total asshole you are.”

I Swear by the Unshaven Legs of Susan B. Anthony

“You are actually so small minded to think that woman (sic) have no brains and are only functional for having babies and to clean the house. Well Kaufman, ‘Mr. Macho,’ you have met your match and I swear by the anger of Suzi Kaplow and the unshaven legs of Susan B. Anthony that I can and will defeat you.”

Stick Figure

“You must be insane, your (sic) nothing but a scrawny little stick man. You have no meat on your body, your (sic) just flesh and bones. Why, I could whip you in nothing flat.”

Kid Stuff

“I was watching Saturday Night Live, and I heard your remark about ladies being stupid and couldn’t fight, well I might be 11 years old but I chalenge (sic) you and me in a fighting ring together and I’ll whip you so bad. I’ll teach you to keep your smart mouth shut about women.”

Galaxy Quest

“I would enjoy nothing more in the entire galaxy than to come to the defense of all female species by pulverizing you on nationwide TV.”

A Woman’s Place Is in the Kitchen

“Personally, I think you’re a woman hater and a chauvinist pig. I will wrestle you ANYWHERE — ANYTIME. I will challenge you in a kitchen. I will put your head in a meat grinder or else in a microwave oven so your brain will explode inside out.”

Here Piggy Piggy

“I was born and reared on farms all my life. I have been dealing with ‘animals’ all of my life. I have slopped and wrestled with pigs on many occasions. It would be nothing new to wrestle one more ‘pig’ on television. … I would even give you the advantage of greasing your body, although you appear to be greasy enough as it is!”

No Internal Organ Is Safe

“You sexist jerk! I’m going to rip your lungs out! I’ll give you a traechotomy (sic) with my bare hands! I’m going to re-arrange your face so badly that when you feel the urge to pick your nose you’ll scratch your ear lobes!” 


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