12 Two-Second Solutions To Famous Movie Plots

12 Two-Second Solutions To Famous Movie Plots

Nobody is proposing that movies should have been exactly like actual situations; no one will go if that was the case. Since we're likely to embrace that alien robot could indeed transform into automobiles to stay hidden in plain sight, but less inclined to acknowledge that Megan Fox's fingers remain perfectly trimmed and unchipped when she's been clamoring through the wreckage to escape the bad guys. Movies usually give weird logic, but some of them have strange story plots that can be solved in two minutes by a normal-brained human being. 

In this day and age of total internet scrutiny, movies are quickly picked apart for all of the plot holes that they seem just to gloss over. Because sometimes the solution to a film's most difficult problem can be found in a matter of minutes. Perhaps an hour. Regardless of how long it takes someone to drive to Dollar General to get some basic supplies.

As an example...

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