20 Celebs You Despised That Are Now Redeemed

20 Celebs You Despised That Are Now Redeemed

Fandom is an impressive thing, most of the time. There are certain celebrities you'll always stick by, out of loyalty. And by the same token, there are others you'll never give a crap about. But occasionally a famous person who falls into that second category does something that lands them in the first category. Sometimes it's something major, but just as often it's a small thing that lands them in your good graces.

You always hear, “Everybody deserves a second chance,” and this is that in total action. If Nickelback's response to haters flips the script for you then so be it. If your estimation of Emma Stone increases because she's superkiller at lip synching then you do you and don't look back. Maybe even the Kardashians can re-orient your opinion - but then again, maybe not. 

Here's 20 celebs that managed to get a second chance with our audience, and they didn't blow it.


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