20 Celebs You Despised That Are Now Redeemed

Sometimes a celebrity can surprise you.
20 Celebs You Despised That Are Now Redeemed

Fandom is an impressive thing, most of the time. There are certain celebrities you'll always stick by, out of loyalty. And by the same token, there are others you'll never give a crap about. But occasionally a famous person who falls into that second category does something that lands them in the first category. Sometimes it's something major, but just as often it's a small thing that lands them in your good graces.

You always hear, “Everybody deserves a second chance,” and this is that in total action. If Nickelback's response to haters flips the script for you then so be it. If your estimation of Emma Stone increases because she's superkiller at lip synching then you do you and don't look back. Maybe even the Kardashians can re-orient your opinion - but then again, maybe not. 

Here's 20 celebs that managed to get a second chance with our audience, and they didn't blow it.


I never thought twice about Keanu Reeves. To me he was just another dumb action movie star. And then I heard of the contributions his foundation made
CRACKEDCON I never cared for KeSha or her music. But when I came Across a viral video of her singing 'Amazing Grace', I started respecting her as a mu
Emma Stone seemed dull to me, but I fell in love with her personality when I saw her brilliant Lip Sync Battle in THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALL
I never cared much for Matthew McConaughey when he was acting mostly in romantic comedies. cRAGh But when he powerfully portrayed a cowboy diagnosed w
I never quite liked Kevin Hart as a movie actor, whose humor never really connected with me. But then I watched one of his stand-up gigs, and found a
The British royal family seem CRACKED COM like total elite jerks, but I reassessed when I read that both royal couples refused any wedding presents, i
I used to dislike Sacha Baron Cohen and the way he embarrassed people on camera to get laughs. But his show Who Is America? made me a fan because he e
I didn't like Lady Gaga because of her weird antics (remember the meat dress?) and generic pop music. That was before I watched her in A Star Is Born.
I don't like the way Barney treats women in How I Met Your Mother, and this ended up making me feel the same way toward Neil Patrick Harris. But after
I always disliked Kim Kardashian because ... why not? Reading about how she helped release 17 people from prison changed my opinion of her. She's OK i
CRACKEDc A long time ago I used to be on the band- wagon of Nickelback haters. But after seeing their snarky replies to their haters... 22 Jan was dri
CRACKED COM When the Biebs was having a string of bad press about his attitude towards fans, I started to like him less. Then in 2013, he made an unan
I always thought Katy Perry was a big attention seeker until she surprised a burn victim with a handwritten letter and other cool gifts. HAVE YOURSELF
I never thought much of CRACKED COM Mila Kunis, as she rarely speaks out on important social or political issues. But I was really impressed and amuse
I kinda disliked Demi Lovato ever since she claimed she was 1% African, but seeing a video of her giving a surprise performance for kids at a Los An
I used to not like David Spade due to his cocky and rude attitude. But seeing him open up in the 2015 documentary, I am Chris Farley, about how much h
ASHTON KUTCHER always annoyed me. His over the top antics on Punked especially made me roll my eyes, and I thought he was a majorjerk. CRACKED.COM We
CRACKEDco Seth MacFarlane Follow eSethMacFarlane In other words, don't think critically, don't consult multiple news sources, and in general, don't us
I never really paid much attention to Zac Efron, but then he bought a new phone for a fan who shattered his while trying to take a video of Zac for so
CRACKED c COM I fell in love with Brad Pitt as a celebrity when I read this quote: 'RepORTERS ask me what 1 feel China should do about Tibet. Who c
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