Comedian Claps Back At Heckler Who Didn’t Know He Was Literally in ‘The Joker’

Sam Morril smacks down an ornery Philadelphian who mistakenly thinks that Morril is Arthur Fleck
Comedian Claps Back At Heckler Who Didn’t Know He Was Literally in ‘The Joker’

Here’s a joke for you — what do you get when you try to trash a comedian with a more impressive IMDb page than you realized? You get what you fucking deserve.

Of all the New York Knicks’ illustrious celebrity fans who have sat courtside during the team's current postseason run, Sam Morril was, arguably, the least likely to become the unofficial spokesperson for comedian support of the Knicks while superstars like Ben Stiller and Jon Stewart were inspiring memes with their reactions to the team’s dramatic six-game series against the Philadelphia 76ers these last couple of weeks. However, Morril, who has been enjoying a meteoric rise from regional success in the New York comedy scene to national and international recognition over the last half-decade, is quickly becoming one of the more beloved and vocal Knicks fans on Twitter as he sits courtside and live tweets games with his expected New York-born snark.

Obviously, not everyone on NBA Twitter is a Knicks fan, and some Sixers stans have taken issue with the shots Morril directs at their stars. Yesterday, after Morril posted the infamous picture of Harvey Weinstein pushing a walker on the way to the court house during his rape trial with the caption, “Joel Embiid when things are heading south,” one Sixers fan heckled him with a picture of Joaquin Phoenix’ character Arthur Fleck bombing at an open mic from the 2019 film The Joker

There’s just one problem — Morril’s the comic who killed before the Joker.

In the pivotal Joker scene, as Phoenix Fleck prepared to take the stage at an open mic in Gotham City, a much more talented comic can be heard reciting a routine in which he compares sex to the process of buying a car before exiting to a round of applause as the MC, played by Saturday Night Live star Chris Redd, tells the audience, “One more time for Sam Morril!” 

As Morril would later explain on KFC Radio, the cameo came about because Joker director Todd Phillips was a fan of Morril's work and included him on the list of real-life comics he wanted to appear in the film along with Marc Maron and Gary Gulman. The scene was shot at the since-closed comedy club Dangerfields in New York, started by Rodney Dangerfield, and the only instruction Phillips gave Morril when he took the stage was to “make sure (the jokes) would work in the ‘80s.” 

Morril says that he decided to tell a different joke for each of the dozens of takes so that the laughter would sound genuine in every one of them. Additionally, Morril recalled how Redd was jealous of his performance because Morril basically got to perform an entire set in front of movie stars and directors while Redd had to repeat ad nauseam, “One more time for Sam Morril!”

In terms of all-time great “Dont you know who I am?” moments from Sports Twitter, Morrils destruction of the unamused Sixers fan is on par with the Toronto Blue Jays Twitter accounts response to someone asking for a source on a trade report with, “Literally us, the Blue Jays.” However, Morrils heckler smackdown was only the second most embarrassing moment of the day for online Sixers fans — just hours later, the Knicks eliminated the Philly squad from playoff contention. 

Now, all they have are negative thoughts.


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