Jon Stewart Is the New Face of Knicks Fans’ Disappointment

The ‘Daily Show’ host accidentally lent his likeness to the Knicks’ legendary collapse last night, and the internet loved it
Jon Stewart Is the New Face of Knicks Fans’ Disappointment

Pennsylvania hasn’t traumatized Jon Stewart this badly since they submitted their ballots back in 2016.

Last night, the legendary Daily Show host sat courtside at Game 5 of the 1st Round series between the New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA playoffs at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. Like most postseason games played in New York, the match was attended by many of the most influential and recognizable celebrities in America – most of them Knicks fans – but the upstart Sixers spoiled an evening that was supposed to send the Knicks into the second round of the playoffs in front of Stewart and the rest of their A-list attendees. Sixers shooting guard and NBA All-Star Tyrese Maxey stunned the home crowd by scoring 7 points in the final 25 seconds of the fourth quarter, erasing the Knicks’ late lead and sending the game into overtime where Philadelphia closed out their comeback win.

The series will return to Philadelphia for Game 6 as the Knicks hold onto a tenuous 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven series, but much of the chatter about last night’s game on social media isn’t about the playoff implications of the Knicks’ collapse and more about the beautiful moment during the broadcast when viewers saw Maxey rip the soul out of Knicks fans – well, one specific Knicks fan – in real time. Right as Maxey went on his run, the camera panned to Stewart’s thousand-yard stare, launching a thousand memes in the Process.


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