TikToker Brilliantly Dunks on Louis C.K.’s Madison Square Garden Return

Talia Lichstein made some ‘controversial comments’ about cancel culture outside C.K.’s sold-out show
TikToker Brilliantly Dunks on Louis C.K.’s Madison Square Garden Return

If your only exposure to the comedy world was through podcasts hosted by open mic-level male stand-up comedians or the comment sections of any major social media platform, you would think that the insidious influence of “Cancel Culture” had government agents snatching successful comedians off the streets and dragging them to CIA black sites where they are being waterboarded into admitting that they once called a woman ugly during a set in 1997. 

Back here in the real world, the limited reach of Twitter campaigns coupled with the constantly shortening attention spans of the general public guarantee that no comedian can ever be “canceled” in the hyperbolic sense, despite what fans of Louis C.K. claim happened to the popular comedian following his admission of sexual misconduct in 2017. After a brief hiatus from public life, C.K. came storming back into the mainstream with multiple international tours, a Grammy-winning comedy album, and this past weekend, a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. C.K.'s stunning success in New York and around the world following his supposed “cancellation” pokes a hole in the exhaustingly enduring narrative that powerful men in comedy are having their careers and accomplishments stolen from them over relatively benign transgressions.

Talia Lichtstein, a popular TikToker, took to social media in order to express her views on C.K.’s return to comedy superstardom with a devilishly deft touch.


The video flew directly over some TikTok user’s heads who weren’t watching the screen as Lichstein showed physical proof of the “woke mob’s” inability to impact any misbehaving comedian’s career beyond creating a minor speed bump. Almost six years after the #MeToo campaign caused some comedians to quake in their boots for fear of an internet witch hunt destroying their lives, one of the most famous comics implicated in the public accusations that had surrounded his behavior for years but weren’t taken seriously except for during a few months in 2017 has effectively returned to his normal celebrity life. 

Hell, even Bill Cosby is thinking about touring again. If Harvey Weinstein works on his tight five, maybe they'll let him out to open for Cosby at Yankee Stadium.

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